Effortless Strategies For Acupuncture And Anxiety Bristol For 2017

Similar to stress, anxiety produces the release of the hormones cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones increase the heart rate, tighten the muscles, dilate the pupils, and prepare us to turn and run. chinese clinicBut prolonged periods of anxiety demonstrate symptoms that include restlessness or edginess, a tendency to become easily fatigued, an inability to concentrate or going “blank,” irritability, headaches, sleep problems and digestive problems. Over an extended period of time these hormones that are raging through our system to help us stand and fight begin to wreak havoc on our entire body physically, mentally and emotionally. Acupuncture has been proven very successful for treating anxiety. How? Western medicine tends to treat the symptom, medicate it, and treat all GAD individuals in the exact same manner. Acupuncture treats all sufferers as the special individuals that they are. The acupuncturist listens carefully to all that the patient shares, does a physical diagnosis that determines the flow of Qi in the meridian system of the person, and finds specific keys that unlock the patterns of discomfort the patient is suffering from. By identifying the imbalances that cause the symptoms of anxiety and not just treating the symptoms themselves, the acupuncturist is better able to see the whole person as their individual story unfolds.

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acupuncture and anxiety Bristol